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11th Apr 2017

Hello, I am NecroGrif, I am a member of the xbox brotherhood of i4ni, I am the first one here because I am a night owl and have no life lol, But here soon hopefully you will see us apart of this community and league  , I wish you all good luck and accuracy on the battlefield
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11th Apr 2017

We look forward to seeing your team compete. Welcome to Hardcore League!
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12th Apr 2017

Thanks! If anyone wants to play sometime, private message me and I will send you my Gamertag, I will play with you if I am not playing with my i4ni homies lol.
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13th Apr 2017

Feel free to join our discord through our FAQ page.

Twitch: ... asonhere/
Twatter: @JustMasonHere

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14th Apr 2017

Welcome to Hardcore League bud. Really glad to see another community joining us.

Please do me a favour and head over to my Facebook Page (KLW HitmanPike - ESport Shoutcaster) and give me a Follow, Like & Share amongst your team. I Shoutcast weekly on behalf of Hardcore to Facebook and average 6-8 Thousand viewers per week. If you have a community page on Facebook PM me your details and I will advertise your community ;-D


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I am one of a team of Shout Casters who provide narration of competitive matches, events and ladders. Maintain an impartial, birds eye view of the field. As well as being able to capture both skill and mistakes whilst providing a witty and informative flow. Shout Casts are intended to give you a tactical overview of the situation, allowing both individuals and teams gain better insight into Hardcore Competitive game play. Ours streams reach far and wide so both your Mistakes and

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