Pugs? Or what I call them Pick up games!
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7th May 2017

Ok a little bit of background before I explain the title... I use to play competitive Day of Defeat Source back in like 04-7 I think, I was in a league called CAL(cyber athlete amateur league). Ever since that disbanded PUGS carried on for awhile until the game kinda died soon after... 

Now PUGS(pick up games) for day of defeat were a little interesting it was always 6v6 and maybe 12 v 12 I can't remember, but basically, there would be two captains and everyone else would be spectating or on standby, and what would happen was each captain would pick a person and then the other captain would pick. These were a lot of fun, not only do you get to meet people but it helps improve your game so much, learning new strats, new ways to play your class etc, Now I was wondering if anyone would wanna help me set this up, Basically we would do the samething but we could draft from any number now since locked servers are a thing, It can be done with 5v5,6v6,8v8,12v12 etc. I know most people are shy and or just don't want to play with "randoms" but honestly this could be a really great thing this community could do/use. It could even just go down to people join the server and what ever team they land on is what their on, Not pre parties or joining off of each other. That way it would be kinda fair and teams wouldn't be stacked. Maybe this might not work but if anyone wants to help me try this out, that would be awesome!
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