rent a server next version of bf
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Will your clan rent a server on the next bf instalment ??

The first day available .
Only if they offer more options .
Hell no!
My clan doesn't have its own server .

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2nd May 2016

If i remember right it took a long time for dice to introduce the rent a server option on bf4 . Im wondering if they will be smart enough  to start off giving us that ability . 

We have held the same server for over 3 years and now have 6.

My wish is dice would give us server owners some of the same abilities as pc server owners.

There are more problems than i can list but here are a few of my every day issues .

Auto balance.I have it off and it does it on its own.

 Ban list will have my admins on it 

Last week my 24\7 locker server decided it wanted to start running 24\7 metro instead . I had to spend a few hrs on the phone with E.A to get it fixed. 

50% of the times i dashboard trying to get into server settings.
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2nd May 2016

Even if it has its current issue we will have a server or 2 up and running as soon as it's available for the community and matches. We also have the same problems that you have encountered regularly. Takes almost an hour to just fix map rotations sometimes, due to the constant dash boarding in particular. Hopefully these issues will be fixed next time around.
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