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27th Mar 2017

Hardcore League Shoutcast all matches far and wide provide a lot of advertisement to various forms of social media by building relations within the Battlefield, Streamer and gaming communities. Please support  Hardcore League by heading over to our various Social Media and follow/share our content.We in return will endeavour to share your content in return. 

Post your Social Media Details below. If you community doesnt already run social media then set it up as it is a vital part of establishing a competitive community. 

KLW HitmanPike - ESport Shoutcaster / Hardcore League Staff

Follow/Like me at:





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I am one of a team of Shout Casters who provide narration of competitive matches, events and ladders. Maintain an impartial, birds eye view of the field. As well as being able to capture both skill and mistakes whilst providing a witty and informative flow. Shout Casts are intended to give you a tactical overview of the situation, allowing both individuals and teams gain better insight into Hardcore Competitive game play. Ours streams reach far and wide so both your Mistakes and

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[WPO]l Iky l
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11th May 2017

Wolfpack Operations WPO social media info;
Twitter @team_WPO
Facebook @teamwpo
Beam team. Wolfpack Operations
Youtube: ... oR1Nq9aBwr609vnkJZDA
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11th May 2017

U have everything ICON right?
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11th May 2017

Modern Day Gaming Info

Twitch - BADGERisMDG
Twitter - _WeAreMDG
Youtube - WEAREMDG
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MAC is MDG | Chief Of Staff
Modern Day Gaming

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12th May 2017

NGG New Generation Gamerz.
Founder NGG xI RAMBO Ix.
Owners NGG xI RAMBO Ix and prophipps360

Media information.
FACEBOOK PAGE.... @NewGenerationGamerz.
TWITTER [email protected]_NGG.
YOUTUBE......officia1 _NGG
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12th May 2017

Here is the Classified Combat Crew social media! We will follow back other clan accounts.

Youtube - ... q3fgf1boMsFmviSyLOgQ
Twitter - ... t_Crew?lang=en
Facebook - ... edCombatCrew/?ref=nf
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