When kicking/banning players on HCL servers
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17th May 2016

Hello gentlemen, I am the donator of said servers and I know what I'm about to ask seems like a lot, but we need to do this to promote understanding and good faith with non hcl players and teams. If you kick or ban a player for any reason please have the decency to write a short message, either team kill not allowed, or match about to happen or even sorry but an admin was getting on and server is full. Accommodate others with simple kindness and respect and our fan/server base will get even wider. Don't do it and I end up getting called things that make me very upset from people I have no idea who they are because they were kicked or banned. I'm not saying don't do it, I'm just asking to let them know why so they can understand. This game has a wide range of ages and not all of them understand rules yet so just let them know and maybe some piece of trash won't randomly message me and call me a pussy which is just not the right answer.
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