ENJOI Vs USOA - Shoutcasted by KLW HitmanPike
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25th Sep 2016

ENJOI Vs USOA // 25 Sept.

18:30CST // 19:30EST // 00:30GMT

Shoutcasted LIVE by the unique and original personality of #KLWHitmanPike

https://m.twitch.tv/hitma ... npike

and by TWD DEADEYE @

https://www.twitch.tv/har ... dcoreleague

For more information on Competitive medium to large scale matches please visit: 

http://www.hardcoreleague ... .co

#bigbossgaming_ #ENJOI #USOA #hardcoreleague #battlefield4 #twitch #ESLBattlefield #battlefield4players #onlyinbattlefield #battlefield1
#competitive #etiquette

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I am one of a team of Shout Casters who provide narration of competitive matches, events and ladders. Maintain an impartial, birds eye view of the field. As well as being able to capture both skill and mistakes whilst providing a witty and informative flow. Shout Casts are intended to give you a tactical overview of the situation, allowing both individuals and teams gain better insight into Hardcore Competitive game play. Ours streams reach far and wide so both your Mistakes and

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