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17th Mar 2017

Hey guys! Contest time!

We are holding a contest to see who has the best reaction time!


Well we just thought it would be a fun thing to do, plus you get to prove who has the undeniable raw Twitch reaction talent in a Gun Fight through reaction time!

We are doing this in promotion of Dice Vs Community's (tm) upcoming events on the 18th, 19th, and 21st on PS4, Xbox, and PC respectively!

Our own Deadeye will be shoutcasting the PS4 and Xbox events!

Find more info on DiceVsCommunitys (tm) twitter and give them a big follow!


Go out there and prove you are one of the best and fastest guns on the battlefield!


-Do the test on a Desktop Computer. Cell Phones slow down the test by up to 100ms. Laptops can slow down the test by up to 50ms. Consoles by 30ms.

-Try the set of 5s at least 3 times as practice to get used to the reaction.

How to enter:

Go to http://www.humanbenchmark ... .com and do the test. It has you do it 5 times for one test. Afterwards screenshot your time and post it in the comments section. See rules below for more information.


1) After you have your best score screenshot and post it in the comments here through http://www.imgur.com!

2) Remember after you get your score after 5 tries refresh the page before trying again!

3) Time is based on the best average it gives you at the bottom after 5 tries.

4) Can only enter your 1 score, so try a few times before entering!

5) Make sure you put your website name in the screenshot with the time so we can verify it was actually your time. You can just use word pad or office or something and type your name in it in a small window below the score.

6) Any ties will be dealt with at the end of the contest is there are any.

1st Place: 5 Battlepack codes
2nd Place: 3 Battlepack codes
3rd Place: 1 Battlepack codes

Start and End Date:
Contest Starts: Friday March 17th, 2017
12:01am CST
Contest Ends: Friday March 24th, 2017
11:59pm CST

Extra Information:

If things go well we may even put up a leaderboard for this up at a later date!

Legal Requirements to Enter:

-Entrants must be 21 years or older and/or legal to enter contests in your Town/City/State/Province/Country/Place of Residence.

-Entrants must adhere to all national and international laws before, during, and after entry into contest.

-It is up to the contest entrants to make sure they adhere to all rules set forth by this post and on the http://www.hardcoreleague ... .co website.

-Entry into the contest and/or commenting/replying is acknowledgement, understanding, and acceptance of any and all of the above and/or below.

-VOID where prohibited.

Good luck to everyone!

Twitch: http://www.twitch.tv/itsm ... asonhere/
Twatter: @JustMasonHere

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17th Mar 2017

Very Nice
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23rd Mar 2017

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27th Mar 2017

who won?

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