Hardcore League MBT Tournament Postponed
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29th Aug 2016

MBT Tournament falls flat
Due to the new Battlefield 4 update, the MBT Tournament was postponed. The new update effected the ticket bleed system and caused some problems this Sunday. Despite our best efforts to power through and make it work, we decided to postpone the tournament after speaking to the teams involved. The Hardcore League would like to apologize to all the teams that took time out of their schedule to show up, unfortunately this was out of our control. We have been working hard to get another rule set nailed down using the mechanics that were changed due to the update.

We appreciate your patience and  look forward to seeing all of our teams compete when we schedule this tournament again. All of the teams involved were great and respectful in light of the issues. The Hardcore League will continue to do our best to provide fluid competitions and tournaments for our members.
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29th Aug 2016

1-Make this a skill based tank tournament without soflam and lock ons. Tankers should be skillful drivers with outstanding aim on the fly. Current set up does not showcase true skill.

2. MLK should NOT be allowed to participate in this league due to there complete lack of respect for other clans, players and the league itself. Their unsportsmanlike conduct has carried them to levels beyond what this league represents. It would be in the leagues best interest to remove them to ensure positive growth and support. SOF as an entity will NOT compete in ANY tournament with MLK players. Individuals from our clan are permitted to do as they wish for open Tournaments . We have the support from other clan/platoons as well.
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29th Aug 2016

I can only speak for myself, but I can't wait for the reschedule. As long as it's ticket based or some form of it I'm happy. Good luck figuring it out guys. I appreciate all yall do for the hardcore community. Keep it up!
P. S. MLK has my vote to stay in HCL. Just saying.
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