Huge News! HL now has Full Sponsorship!
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14th Mar 2017

The Hardcore League as some big news that we are happy to announce!

Hardcore League has partnered up with DICEvsCOMMUNITY and will be involved in their events. DICEvsCOMMUNITY host events that put the community and Dice/EA employees together on Battlefield. They also have special guest that are big in the Battlefield community. l DEADEYE l with HL will be shoutcasting their upcoming event for XB1 and possibly PS4.

Be sure to follow both!

We are now sponsored by Gamers Community! This is huge for our community, this means that we will have some amazing prizes just for the Hardcore League community. We can't say too much, but they will be some amazing prizes that will be worth the fight. Along with prizes you will be seeing other changes and perks from the HL as a result of this sponsorship.

Show you appreciation and register on their site and give them a follow. Gamers Community is open to all gamers!

PS4 Support :
Thanks to Phoenix Elite Network and Gamers Community we will start supporting PS4 teams! This is going to open up our community in a big way.

Here it is, you are reading this message because you are apart of The Hardcore League Community, or you have an interest in The Hardcore League and what we do. We hope hope to see your team competing for real money on a large scale. We understand that this is a tall order, but we have just taken a giant leap in the right direction. We need to unite as a competitive community and collectively change the status quo. We can not do this without you, the community. Now is your chance to strike the first blow, we have their attention, lets show them that we have the numbers and the dedication! We have enough members reading this right now to make a difference and change the minds that matter!

All you have to do is click the links above and follow these awesome communities, when those numbers spike, I promise you they are gonna know it was the large scale competitive community screaming "We will not go silently into the night! We will not vanish without a fight!" brought to them by The Hardcore League.

We are so excited about the future of HL and the amazing community and teams that are apart of us.

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28th Mar 2017

Thats awesome - congrats!
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