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Should the Hardcore League support large vehicles in competitive play?

Let the teams decide

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30th Oct 2016

The Hardcore League wants to know what you guys think about the use of the large vehicles in competitive play? We are talking about the Airships, Armored Train, and Dreadnought. Let us know if you think they should be used or no?
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31st Oct 2016

Its not like its a gadget, or pick up sentry kit we're talking about here, its a giant toy they added to the game so the loosing team doesn't get butt-hurt as easily, well sorry folks in competitive battlefield you are going get butt-hurt, and if you do get trapped in spawn its your own damn fault, sorry not sorry, but im not gonna have my team clutch a win (for the books) and and then get destroyed by an airship/giant spawn beacon, i mean its fun in pub matches, I guess, but really, it has no place in a competitive environment.
Maybe they'll have competitive behemoth superiority, where two blimps fight to the death. hahahaha.
In all seriousness though, competition is to see who brought their A game, from infantry to land, and air vehicles, and ultimately who the better team is on that given day. its not about a pity train or anything of the sort. its not about a giant boat or blimp that takes up the majority of the map, bailing the loosing team out of a loss. I've never played a comp game in BF4 where the commander was allowed- or with an ac130- that was in the game... we didnt use it, and neither did any other competitive outlets. ....and thats how I feel bout that.

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31st Oct 2016

I do not see what the big deal is. I have not been in a match yet when the losing team gets the large vehicle and it actually wins the map for them. It forces both teams to change their strategy mid game and I think that is an excellent idea for Battlefield. We're not playing call of duty here and it's not based on K D's, Battlefield it Is meant for large crazy engagements and to add those tools will be fun to make adjustments for the winning and the losing teams. And, with EA owning the servers now, even on your rented servers you may not be able to turn it off
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31st Oct 2016

It has absolutely nothing to do with K/D. In my opinion the behemoths are 100% gimmicky. Youre referencing the use of these assets in public matches alittle over a week since the full games been out. No one has seen the damage they can do with a few guys manning it in a 16v16 or 20v20 or however many youll compete with. Not to mention these will be teams who are all cooperating and coordinated. Sticking to the traditional system of beating the other team with the assets you have provided to you by flag or at spawn seems to be the way to go. Not this huge asset thats called in during the middle of a round when one team is getting beat up by the other. During the beta there were presets in the filter list that showed behemoths were allowed to be turned off. Not positive if the kept it in the full game.
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31st Oct 2016

True, 16 or 20 player matches would be WAY too small. I think for the new game we should be pushing more 32 vs 32
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1st Nov 2016

I would be interested in them if dice balances it so both teams get a chance at it. Like the losing team gets one first and after it gets destroyed the other side gets one. In its current state where ONLY the losing side gets one is unfair punishment to the winning team in my opinion. Even if they did re-balance them this way, testing would need to be done to see if it is viable at smaller player counts.

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