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29th Mar 2017

The object of this event is to get one, two, or all three tags of I DEADEYE I, LadyArsenic , and PEN Rebel HL. If you get one of them in one of the three rounds you get 10$ gift card, the FIRST TWO to get two of them in a round gets BF1 premium or a 50$ gift card , the FIRST get all three in a round get's a Xbox Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset!!!!   The FIRST person to get all three at least once in three rounds will receive $100 VISA Card. If none of the three tags are taken in any of the rounds, all members on the defending teams will be put into a raffle where two names will be drawn out, one for the $100 VISA Card and one for the Xbox Turtle Beach Elite Pro headset

The main purpose for this Event is to draw new Teams and Players to the Hardcore League and to promote DICE vs Community and Gamers Community. There will be a few PEN guys in the lobby to help our VIP's, but besides that, we would like ONLY non-HL members to be on the server to entice them to join the League

We at Phoenix Elite Network are working towards becoming the Best Large Scale Battlefield Competitive Community on the planet, but we can not accomplish this ourselves. We are backing Hardcore League because they have great integrity and we believe they are the future of large scale Battlefield Competition. We fully support DICE vs Community for their dedication in bringing the Developers and Community together and also fully support Gamers Community for their dedication all gamers from all platforms and all games. PEN is here to assist and promote these Communities as much as we can

AS ONE !!!
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30th Mar 2017


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I am one of a team of Shout Casters who provide narration of competitive matches, events and ladders. Maintain an impartial, birds eye view of the field. As well as being able to capture both skill and mistakes whilst providing a witty and informative flow. Shout Casts are intended to give you a tactical overview of the situation, allowing both individuals and teams gain better insight into Hardcore Competitive game play. Ours streams reach far and wide so both your Mistakes and

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