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28th Jun 2017

Sometime this week Hardcore League (as our main channel is a twitch affiliate) will gain access to a SUB Button and 1 emote we are allowed to put onto our channel!

What does this mean for you guys, you may be wondering? 2 Things!

Thing 1: Once we get the SUB Button you will be able to SUB to HL's main twitch if you want to show your support for the Hardcore League! A SUB is worth $5 USD per month and along with No Ads across ALL of twitch you get a custom emote (Once we upload one) to use ANYWHERE on twitch!

Thing 2: Remember that emote I just mentioned? Well we need ideas for what it should be! So here on this post in the comments below leave a comment with your idea and we will take everyone's suggestion under advisement! If your idea ends up being the best one your emote idea will be part of the official Hardcore League Channel! 

(Noting: we do have some ideas of our own and we may go with them, we just wanted to give every a chance to pass along their unique idea!)

And remember.. There can only be 1.

Twitch: ... asonhere/
Twatter: @JustMasonHere

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