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22nd Sep 2016

We at Hardcore League are excited to announce some big news!

First off we are launching Team Death Match as an official Supported gamemode. We came to this decision after much discussion and ultimately settled on supporting adding TDM along with other Battlefield Gamemodes of Conquest and Rush.

Secondly our Tank Tournament has been Scheduled For October 9th, 2016.

Go Sign Up Here!
Remember to read a ll the rules!

Third on our Clan Rosters Page we will be adding (C/R/T) after every teams name to signify what gamemodes(C for Conquest, R for Rush, T for TDM) each team focuses on primarily. Making it easier than ever for you to find a compatible team top contact/compete against in the open season ladders. To change that letter at anytime just have a team leader fill out our Team Info Update Form. Also located under the Members/Clans Tab.

Lastly we are announcing regularly scheduled Conquest/Rush Tournaments that will take place the 3rd Sunday of Every month. YES EVERY MONTH! Starting in November of 2016.
The reason for it being the 3rd Sunday every month is of course so every team knows exactly how long they have to prepare.

We hope everyone is excited for this news!

Thank you to everyone for your continued support of Hardcore League!

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