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27th Mar 2017

The Hardcore League has been working hard to provide the best competitive league out there. One of the things that we are doing to create a better experience is updating our website. The new features to the website will include the following:

  • Team Managers - We will be able to assign Team Managers.
  • Team Manager Control - Team Managers will have more control over their team.
  • Team Recruitment - Each team will be provided a recruitment form that will be controlled by the Team Manager.
  • Back End Automation - There will be some automation added that will update league standings automatically when a match form is submitted.
  • Team Challenges - Teams will have the option to challenge another team from the site.
  • Improved Match Report Forms - The Match Report Forms will be getting an update

With these updates, there will be some small changes and new requirements when it comes to matches. When these updates go live, all teams will be required to have all members participating in a match to be registered on the site. This includes subs and backups, should a team not have all their members registered at the time of the match, the match will not be official. Additionally, all members attending will be required to click the "Attend" button on the event in the events calendar. This will save our team leaders from having to send a roster to our match moderators as it will be available in the event, as long as everyone attending the event, clicks "Attend".

These updates and changes are to help keep things running smooth and ensure good honest matches, we will keep you posted.
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Forum » Forums » News & Announcements
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