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7th Mar 2017

We play on the xbox one and our numbers are strong! We are always looking for new members to recruit into our Team. We play hardcore and our team has been running strong for years now, we are open to gamers of all types. We have a motto that we strongly uphold and that is "Shoulder to Shoulder,Back to Back, Strike Team 6 or die!" There are only two rules to be apart of our elite team of soldiers and that is 1. ABSOLUTLY no team killing, we understand that team kills do happen on accident, and thats ok as long as you issue an apologie always! 2.Respect for all memebrs and all affiliates at all times! No matter what,respect should always come first and it is expected! If youre looking to take your battlefiled expirience to the next level or if you are tired of not having anyone to squad up with, then take that next step and enlist to Strike Team 6, Never again will you be without a squad or have back up!  We stream twice a day to twitch 

message me or GrayStMoar420 for enlistment or just any questions in general 
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Chicken was here

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7th Mar 2017
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18th Mar 2018

Yo it’s ad420714 how I do it
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