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20th Aug 2017

We are a casual and competitive unit on Battlefield 1 for the XBOX ONE. We utilize tactics and techniques from the US Army basic infantry squads and platoons doctrine to the best of our ability, as far as the game will let us to have the advantage against any OpFor.
Being in a competitive unit means that you are wanting to play with a dedicated team of individuals to acheieve a common goal; complete destruction of OpFor.
We work as a combined team of compatible MOSs to provide strength in firepower, ability to overtake several objectives simultaneously, or simply put; shoot move and communicate as a unit.
We ARE organized, We HAVE our foundation set, We HAVE a system that works.
We were founded on August 17th 2017 by our CO ARMY GROUNDHOG. We intend to grow and become something much greater. If your interested in enlisting with us, or if you have any questions regarding FFE go to joinffe.webs.com or drop a comment on this forum discussion.

Requirements to enlist:
-You must speak English
-Must have a Mic.
-Must be at least 16 Years of age.
- You must be active for at least 3 days out of each week unless you advise us of being on leave.
-Must not be a member of another unit or in the process of becoming a member of another unit.
-Must have or obtain and use the DISCORD application.
-If you have prior competitive experience you are to inform us in your application.

Applicants go through a screening process prior to becoming enlisted.

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Forum » Forums » Recruit For Your Clan!
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