Looking for a fun platoon on XB1 for Battlefield 1
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28th May 2017

I'm new to the Hardcore League environment, what I've seen on this site I like, also from the Hardcore League YouTube page.
I'm looking for a platoon to play with on Battlefield 1 on XB1. Preferably on US eastern time zone if possible as I play mainly nights & weekends Hardcore Conquest & Operations. I play primarily Assult/Sniper. I play a lot on the HardcoreLeague.co servers that are populated through the server browser on BF1 on XB1. Consider myself a veteran Battlefield player, just want to squad up with like minded folks that play the game & PTFO.
Hoping to find the right community to join & squad up.
Thank you to anyone who reads this post & responds.

Gamer tag: EV4DED
Discord: EV4DED#5692LinK_TemP_1|
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28th May 2017
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28th May 2017

Feel free to hop in with any of the 405th in one of the two HL servers we have going. Give us a try, and see if maybe we are what you are looking for. Looking forward to playing together.
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