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14th Jul 2017

I just left my clan of 382 days.I immediately want to get back into the swing of things! I am not looking for one of these huge teams with a ton of members. I you are one please leave now. I want to join a smaller team maybe one just starting that I can help build up! I was a very key part in my former clan running the facebook, twitter, and youtube. I would be more than happy to help with that! Actually please let me help with that!  Main reason I left my clan was because they simply didn't treat me with the respect I deserved. After being one of the older members and doing the work I did. If you have basic human decency this won't be a problem. I can play both core and hardcore (prefer core). Won't say i'm the best but i'm pretty good! If you have any questions or concerns the best place to contact me is probably my 
Twitter - @Will12Bell. The next best place would probably be my Xbox - TarrierCub57. I thank you for taking the time to read out this message!
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