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19th May 2017

United Brotherhood is looking for 12vs12+ scrims on BF1 for FRIDAY nights 9/10pm EST. Any maps, modes, rules. Contact SgtHoody on Origin or contact through here for details.
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22nd May 2017

If we can discuss possible other dates/times, AOD is always looking for matches. you can PM me on Discord
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6th Sep 2017

We are still looking for some scrims. Contact Sku11_Fuc on here or origin if your interested.
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7th Sep 2017

Sent you an Origin request.  We're (The Omniscient) always looking for scrim and match partners.  Think you've been in contact with our friends in the Automatic Mustangs re: 5v5 scrims, but if you're looking for 12v12's, give me a shout.
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