9:00 PM Fri 19th May 2017 (GMT/UTC -6.0)
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19th May 2017
is this a xbox event?
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17th May 2017
Looking forward to this guys its going to be a really exciting event. Will be shoutcasting live to Facebook. Come check me out.


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15th May 2017
Rules of gameplay:
NO vehicle use will be allowed, NO calvary class spawns will be allowed, NO stationary weapon use will be allowed

Prizes will be awarded in XBOX gift card codes

Dogtag bouties;
$10-PEN BOSCH jr

Top Player prizes;
$25-most cumulative kills over 3 rounds
$25-most cumulative points over 3 rounds
$50-For the first player who can tag all of the rift bountied members within the 3 official rounds of play (PinkTacoUnicorn, ProWileyMan, thatarabdude, Nyssaix, skiinian13)

Other prizes
(3) $10-given to randomly selected new followers of the Hardcore League Twitch channel

The event will begin on Friday May 19th at 9:00pm EST (8:00pm CST) in the “RIFT in the community” server when the first new round begins after the above time and end when the 3rd full round of gameplay is complete. (those will be the official game rounds but we will be in the server all night having fun) The start and end of the event will also be announced during the live stream of the event on the Hardcore League Twitch channel and Tweeted via the RIFT Twitter account(@RIFT_Team) Winners will be announced during the live stream of ICON vs. EXM on the Hardcore League Twitch channel and notified directly by PinkTacoUnicorn.
Bounties will be awarded to the first player to successfully melee kill one of the players with a bounty listed above. To claim the prize entrant must send a screenshot or video proof to PinkTacoUnicorn through xbox1 messenger or discord of the bountied player’s dogtag on screen and MUST include the full screen clearly showing the bountied player’s gamertag along with the time and score of the match. Only one bounty will be paid per player listed above to the first person to successfully perform the melee kill.
Top player prizes will be given to the one player with the most amount of kills($25), one player with the highest score($25) over the 3 rounds of the event and the first single player to successfully claim tags from all of the bountied RIFT team members (PinkTacoUnicorn, ProWileyMan, thatarabdude, Nyssaix, skiinian13). Player kills and score during the 3 rounds will be added together to give a total number of kills and total score over the 3 rounds combined.
Hardcore League new follower prize($10) will be given to (3) viewers who become new Hardcore League followers during the event and will be selected at random by the Hardcore League officials.
Prizes will be paid in XBOX gift card codes by PinkTacoUnicorn. Codes will be sent to winning entrants through XBOX messaging or by mail. Prizes will be sent within 14 days of the end of the event.

To enter and be eligible to win a prize, you must be a legal resident of the 50 United States. Minors must have permission from a parent or legal guardian to participate. By entering, entrants (or their parents/legal guardians) acknowledge that they are in full compliance with these rules. Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify entrants who do not abide by these rules.
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15th May 2017
To enter all you have to do is join into the "RIFT in the community" server before game time. Just search for "RIFT in the community" on the server browser. @DeadAgain
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14th May 2017
How can you attend? What do i have to do?
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