Elite Division Tournament
6:25 PM Sat 10th Feb 2018 (GMT/UTC -6.0)
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Elite Tournament 1 Rules/Info:  

-This Tournament will be 12vs12.  

-There will be a Roster Lock,  teams however, can submit as many people to the roster, there is no limit. (It will be asked for at a later date.).  

-Any team registered on the Hardcore League website may submit multiple roster entry's into this tournament, but no roster may have any of the same people on more than 1 roster and each new roster entry must be filled out separately in another  "Elite Tournament 1 Registration Form" with the accompanying fee.  

-Any and all participant's playing on your roster must be at least 18 years of legal age (21 in some states/countries/provinces/etc) and legally allowed to participate in a tournament with a cash prize for the winner/s.  

-We reserve the right to request Legal government ID from you and/or anyone under your team roster at any time as proof of age.  

-Any prize won will be awarded directly to the person who sent in this "Elite Tournament 1 Registration Form" who may then divide such prizes as they see fit.  

-You and anyone you apply to be on your team roster are subject to, and are solely responsible for obeying all laws of the state, province, country and/or etc. in which you reside and from which you and anyone you apply to be on your team roster access the Site, Log-In to the Site or participate in any Skill Challenge.  


Dates and Time:  
Registration End Date(Last day to register a team): Feb 3rd 2018

Start Date: Saturday, Feb 10th 2018

(The tournament may extend to multiple days which will include the following dates: Saturday, January 20th and even Saturday, January 27th. The reason for this is the tournament may take more than one day if enough teams register. We will warn all participating teams as in advance as we are possibly able too.)  

End Date: TBA (Depending on registrations.)  

Server Settings:  
All matches will be played on a US East Hardcore League server with a password provided by the league.  
Mini-map spotting: off
Name tags: on

Hud: on
3D spotting: on

Reload Full Mags: on
unlimited mags: off

aim assist slowdown: on
aim assist auto rotation: off

friendly fire: on
kill cam: off

only squad leader spawn: off
regenerate health: off

vehicle 3P camera: on
behemoths: off

ticket count: 50%
bullet damage:  125%

vehicle respawn time:  100%
respawn time:  100%

Round Time Limit:  100%

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