Battlefield Incursions
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Everyday, the Competitive Battlefield Community grows bigger, stronger, and more competitive. More and more teams are created and more rivalries have become the front. It's an exciting movement towards what has been striving for. But we aren't the only ones that have a vision of what Competitive Gaming for Battlefield is supposed to be like. I present to you: Battlefield Incursions.

Battlefield Incursions
What is Battlefield Incursions? Currently, Incursions is in it's Closed Alpha phase of Competitive Gaming, the way that DICE has envisioned the experience to be. Here is the Development Vision taken from "Our Vision For A Competitive Battlefield Experience" - David Sirland on

Battlefield Incursions is everything Battlefield, and using your environment as a key tactic to defeating your enemy. In Incursions closed Alpha, you'll experience a compact version of what the developers have in mind, 5v5 intensity that is as much of a nail-biter as everyone at would love for it to be. As you can see in the image above, the Battlefield Developers are looking for a Gaming Experience similar to what everyone in the League is looking for. Team oriented, high-strung and down to the wire. Perhaps we'll be moving all of our illegal street races down to the local race track where things can be organized In-Game, rather than taking matters to our own hands Offline? and Battlefield Incursions
The Competitive Battlefield Community and the Staff of couldn't be more excited about the future of Competitive Battlefield Gaming. Please check out the original   Battlefield Incursions Official Article where you can find videos and more publishings straight from the developers themselves. Remember that right now Incursions is in it's Alpha stage, and with our voice in the community we can help mold competitive Battlefield into something more than any of us could have expected. 

We love to hear your feedback! Head on over to the Hardcore League Discord to get in the Conversation! 

3rd Jan 2018 [SWAT]SWAT GrayStMoar
21st Dec 2017 NC OutLaw CND
Are we going to be getting Incursions on Xbox One does anyone know ? And if YES, when.... ?
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