Hardcore League Content Creation Recruitment
[AFC]Nightmare 9111 1 Comments · Likes · Like · 23rd Dec 2017
HardcoreLeague.co is searching for creative members that are interested in joining the #CreateHL program
The HL Team is well-versed in both audio and visual aspects of the content creation process and will help any participating member to develop his/her skills. 

Basic Requirements
-Have a basic understanding of the clip function within Twitch. HL #createHL team will bring the member up to speed on the technique as needed. 
-Able to work within a schedule, and yes, personal matters take precedence over gaming and you will not be penalized over personal matters that he or she may have to prioritize over content creation. 
-Interested personnel MUST be a registered member in good standing within the HL organization and are not required to be on a team. 
-Will be required to interact with all teams in the HL community on a case by case basis in order to facilitate an ongoing project if needed. 
-Contact BADGER#3425 on HL server for a face to face interview. 
-Once interested personnel talk to Badger and the team, a role identifying you on the HL server will be awarded to allow access to the content creation category

Participants not only have the opportunity to help in the creation of ongoing HL projects, they also learn and develop their own skill set along the way. Badger takes the time to train, no matter what level an individual is. Knowledge is power and the stronger the team, the better the unit is. 

23rd Dec 2017 [MDG]abadger8mybaby
well done
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