How To Join

How to Join Hardcore League:

1) Make an account with iclans by clicking the Sign Up button. (Your Account name must match your GamerTag/PSN/Origin ID).

Want To Create a Clan?

1) Just go under the "My Center" tab while logged into your account. Then click on "Create Team".
       1a) Note that you may only create one team at any point and may only be on one teams roster at any point. To delete an old team just ask an admin on discord and your old team will be deleted in approximately 24 hours, at which point you will be free to create another.

Example Picture: 

Not in a Clan yet?

1) The way to join your team is easy, your teasm leader will be able to add your account to their team once they have created their team with the above step. Just make sure you are signed up on the website.

2) Not on a team yet? No problem!  You can also post on our Looking For Clan forum section! As well as checking our our discord of around 1,000 members! 

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