Open Challenges Info

How to Challenge a Team?

Go To Teams and Click on "Challenge Team" next to the teams name you have scheduled a match with.

Alternatively if you don't have a match scheduled you can click on "Create Open Team Challenge".

**IMPORTANT** All times are in 24 hour MILITARY TIME. (i.e. 6pm =18:00 NOT 6:00as that would be 6am, not pm)

**When Entering Info On the Challenge Form Make Sure You Fill Out ALL The Fields Correctly!!!!!**

Example 1: 

How The Form Should Be Filled Out:

In the TITLE section make sure it looks like this "Your Teams Team Tag VS Their Teams Team Tag"

**FOR OPEN CHALLENGES In the TITLE section make sure it looks like this "Your Teams Team Tag VS ?"**

In the START TIME section make sure the match is scheduled to start AT LEAST 15 minutes from the present time you are sending the challenge. The START TIME is WHEN THE MATCH IS SCHEDULED TO START.

In the END TIME set it for 1 hour AFTER the start time.

In MAX ATTENDEES set this number to the total number of players on BOTH teams and add 3 for BOTH teams to account for back-ups.

In EXPIRATION set it for the time to 5 minutes BEFORE the START TIME.

**FOR ANY OFFICIAL matches Make sure you click the "Add Results To League" CHECKBOX. THEN Fill out the APPROPRIATE League and Season which will be labeled accordingly.**


Example 2: 

**AFTER THE MATCH takes place you will get a form to fill out the score. ONLY write down either 1 point(If your team WON) OR 0 points(If your team LOST). Do NOT enter any other numbers.**

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