General Rules

General Rules:

1) No Cheating (Aim Bot, Wall Hack, or anything similiar)

2) No Exploiting Glitches

3) A private server is required to participate in any and all matches for Hardcore League.

             3a) Server MUST be US East server, to allow equal connection between US West and European Players.

4) All rules are subject to change at any time and without warning prior or post.

             4a) Playing in any Hardcore League related or sanctioned matches assumes you have read and agree to all rules found under the "Rules" Tab located on the website.
             4b) Leading any or all of your clan member/s into a Hardcore League match means you as a leader of your clan as determined by the New Clan Registration Form means you have fully informed all members of all rules and made sure they are all eligible for any and all competition and you and they accept, understand, and agree to all rules.

5) A Pre Match meeting is done 30 minutes prior to every match with each teams leader to go over the rules and operations of each match on discord.

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