1) Each match will allow for a maximum of 2 Shoutcasters which will be agreed upon in the match post prior to the game. At no point should either team have a member within the spectator slots.

1a) Shoutcaster must be registered prior to any match by at least 24 hours and not be an active member of either competiting team.

1b) Shoutcasters during any match must not be within an xbox live party while shoutcasting.

3c) Shoutcasters are to be treated as independent from Hardcore League and its affiliates in regards to sponsorships of any kind.

2) Shoutcasters are allowed to advertise themselves in their own entity (I.E. YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, etc.) in which they claim full ownership.

3) Shoutcasters are not allowed to advertise any outside sponsors that are not also previously sponsors of Hardcore League Official.

4) All Shoutcasters must be streaming or recording their Shoutcast's and archive the footage for up to 1 week after the match ends.

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