Temporary Bans

Temporary Ban Policy:

We are firm believers of "if its in the game it should be usable.". We don't want to restrict any class, kit, or most importantly player by dictating what they can or cannot use within a match. However, like any great rule there are exceptions.

Now we all know that Game Designers are far from perfect and sometimes they throw out an Update or Feature that does more harm then good. We keep up to date on our games mercilessly and if such an update occurs and we feel it is apt to TEMPORARILY ban an item from competition we will when it becomes necessary ban/unban a small number of items.


-No Restrictions of weapons/gadgets in any official HL Sponsored tournaments.

-May restrict whichever items the 2 teams involved feel is necessary before the match begins.
Just as we believe we don't want to restrict you as competitors, we don't want to dictate to you what you can or cannot restrict in a private Scrimmage as these do not count towards any open seasons or tournaments. (THESE ARE NOT MATCHES DONE THROUGH THIS WEBSITE, IF YOU SET UP A MATCH THROUGH A MATCH SET UP FORM IT IS AN OFFICIAL OPEN SEASON MATCH NOT A SCRIMMAGE!)

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