Hardcore League BF1 Season 2 Invitational Conquest [PC]
Hardcore League BF1 Season 2 Invitational Conquest [PC]
Scheduled Start:
12:00 PM Sat 26th Aug 2017
Number of teams:
Players per team:
Single Elimination
Entrance Fee:

Tournament Rules: 

1) Must comply with all Rules, Terms, Conditions, etc. on the Hardcore League Website, Discord, Twitch Chat, Forums, etc. at all times. 
2)Breaking any rules above or below may result in complete Disqualification from the tournament and future tournaments. 

1) Each Tournament Round will be 1 Map played on both sides. Sudden Death Style. 
1a) There will be a burn map before every match. 
1b) For CQ ONLY: There will be a 3 minute wait period before the start of each round, neither team may begin play before the 3 minute counter IN GAME counts up to 3 MINUTES. 
1c) For RUSH ONLY: There will be NO  3 minute wait period before the start of each round. 
2) Maps will be randomly generated before the tournament. 
2a) Vanilla Maps only. 
3) Most tickets accumulated between the 2 rounds advances (CQ ONLY). 
3a) Burn map will be played to allow teams to get in the server. 
4) Most MCOM stations captured between the 2 rounds advances(RUSH ONLY). 
4a) In the event of a tie in MCOM, the match is decided by least amount of time taken to capture the MCOMs for both teams. 

Tournament Settings/Misc: 
1) Single elimination Bracket randomly generated. 
2) Will be 12vs12. 
3) Subbing in players is allowed between rounds and/or if a team member disconnects and is unable to reconnect. 
3a) No limit on substitutions. Players MUST be registered to your teams roster. 
4) ALL players MUST be registered to your teams roster. 
5) Hardcore League's Standard  Hardcore Settings will be used. 
6) Before each match the Team Leaders will be put in with the Caster of their match for a short pre-match meeting to determine burn round.

1) Each Tournament will start prompty at 12:00pm CST. 
1a) Check-In: Must be done by all team leaders on discord, in voice chat in the Hardcore League Discord, before 12:00pm CST. Check-in will start at 11:30am CST. 

1b) Late to Check-in: Hardcore League may give some leaway on checking in on a situation to situation basis, but under most cases your team wiil be disqualified for the entire tournament. 
2) Once the tournament begins it shall continue until it's end (Barring any technical issues on the Hardcore League's Part and/or the server's of the games part). 
`2a) All teams should remain ready for their next match at any point to begin between the begining and the end of the tournament. 

12 Championship Coins for the winning team. 

**Any and all situations that arise that the rules do not cover will be decided by tournament staff, if unexpected situations arise.** 

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